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Manage Your Corporate DNA

Corporate Engine is a complete Enterprise Management System capable of handling corporate requirements relating to compliance, risk, insurance, contracts, strategy and much more. Easy to use, secure and flexible to meet the needs of small to large enterprises.

Concurrent Licencing

Replace Spreadsheets

Secure Information

Breakdown Silos



Central Contract Register
Effective Contract Management is essential for ensuring suppliers deliver on what is agreed. Some contracts are short lived while others can extend for years. Especially for the latter, it is essentia...

Intellectual Property

Manage Your IP
Effective oversight of an organization's intellectual property can be difficult if not properly managed. Corporate Engine to provides an easy way to centrally manage an organization's Tradem...


Ensure you're covered
Insurance is essential part of business and in many cases is a legal requirement. Corporate Engine enables organisations to put all their insurance policies in a single place. This makes it easier for...

Corporate Engine BETA Released

Many organisations are drowning under the weight of a thousand spreadsheets. This brings its own problems relating to information silos, security and accuracy. These problems are most often faced by e...

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