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With free access to all applications and features you can see first how they can help you.
Then upgrade to Plus for more capacity and support at any time.



  • All applications
  • Online support



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  • All applications
  • No soft limits
  • Priority support
  • Early access
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Free Plus
Council Contracts
Reports 1 Free Report All Reports
Proposal Builder
Members 2 per bid Unlimited
Visitor Manager
Visitors Unlimited Unlimited
Members 10 per site Unlimited
Depot Manager
Timetables 1 per site Unlimited
Allocation Processing x1 x10
Daily Check Templates 1 per site Unlimited

Do I need a Plus subscription?

If you just access information then you can likely continue to benefit from the free subscription. For creating and editing, soft limits enable you to get free value and make sure the application is right for you before upgrading to a Plus subscription.

How do Plus subscriptions work?

Each Plus subscription has both an owner and an assignee. The owner controls who the subscription is assigned to and can pass ownership to another person. Owners may also transfer ownership to others at any time.