Fitton.Technology uses a subscription model for providing full access to the applications on the platform.

Who needs a subscription?

Not every user on the platform needs a Plus Subscription. All functionality should be available to all free users on the platform. However, some soft-limits are in place for free users. Please have a look at the Plus Subscription page for more information on these soft-limits.

Scenario 1 - QuickBus has a 100 vehicle bus depot and wants to make use of the vehicle allocation capability in Depot Manager. The will have a scheduler manage the timetable and have three employees who rotate weekly to do prepare the vehicles for morning run-out. The operations manager acts as a backup. Therefore, because editing of more than one timetable requires a subscription and generating allocation plans runs a more thorough allocation, the QuickBus depot would need to purchase five Plus Subscriptions and assign them to these employees.

Scenario 2 - QuickBus depot assigns anyone on special duties to conduct a Run Out check on every vehicle. Who does this changes every day. Because there are no soft-limits relating to Run Out checks, no additional Plus Subscriptions are required.

Scenario 3 - QuickBus depot wants its 300 drivers to use Depot Manager for recording daily vehicle checks. The operations manager and safety manager will be managing the vehicle check plans, and an administration employee in engineering will ensure the vehicle list is up to date. Managing more than one check plan in a depot requires a Plus Subscription, therefore the operations manager and safety manager will need a Plus Subscription. Managing vehicle data doesn't require a Plus Subscription, therefore the administration employee doesn't need a Plus Subscription.

Combining the above three scenarios, the QuickBus depot using Depot Manager for vehicle allocation, daily checks and run out checks will likely need a minimum of six Plus Subscriptions.

How to purchase a subscription?

To purchase a Plus Subscription click the Purchase button on the Plus Subscriptions page. Fill in the form to request a quote. Once the purchase process is complete, the requesting account will be allocated the Plus Subscription licenses. The owner of these licenses can then easily assign them to their own or any other account.

How to move and reassign a subscription?

Each Plus Subscription owner can easily re-assign licenses to other accounts at any time. To do this open the Plus Subscriptions page and each Plus Subscription owned is listed with who it is assigned to. To re-assign the license, input the licensee's email address and click the update button.

How to change subscription ownership?

Please contact support to have the ownership of Plus Subscriptions moved to another owner account.

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