An initiative is the main entity type that connects the other data types together, such as Requirements and Suppliers. It also contains Risk, Assumptions, and Finance Line Items.

Each initiative can be viewed like an internal business case, with a proposal containing one to many initiatives. An initiative takes requirements, documents a solution, and accounts for income and expense impacts. This allows for proposals with dozens of initiatives with varying financial impacts to be consolidated and a financial model developed.

If baselining is used, it is recommended that an initiative be created that covers all base-lined line items to begin with.

Initiative Data

Each initiative has a set of fields with which values can be stored against. By default each initiative will have a Name and Status field. Additional fields can be added easily.

Financial Model

This is the financial model of the initiative. Each initiative likely have financial income or expense elements that need to be accounted for to calculate total costs.


Each Requirement can be assigned to one or more initiatives. This is actioned from the Requirements section.

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