Depot Manager is...

Main Features

  • Vehicle Allocation - Depot Manager makes allocating vehicles to vehicle duties easy. Once the vehicle locations, maintenance plan are updated, generating a vehicle allocation takes mere seconds using Depot Manager.

  • Daily Check - To ensure compliance with regulations, a simple mobile app makes it easy for drivers to run through a daily check and record vehicle defects.

  • Driver Log - Drivers can easily set their on and off time on each vehicle using the mobile app.

  • Defect Management - When defects are created using the mobile app, they can be managed both in the app by a suitable person on the main site. Easily filter defects by vehicle, status and priority.

  • Vehicle Reallocation - On vehicle run out, if a vehicle is unable to move or needs replacing, Depot Manager makes it easy to select the a suitable vehicle.

  • Run Out Check - Some depots will have conduct a run out check either for a selection or all vehicles. The system makes that easy to prepare and run through the checklist.

  • Driver Training - Add and keep track of driver training and licence expiry.

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