The application contains some additional useful functions.


Depot Manager has two in-built display screens. These can be shown on a HDTV or similar.

There are currently two types of display screens:

  • Vehicle Departure - This display shows the upcoming vehicle allocations and vehicle shunts.
  • Yard Display - This display shows the current vehicle parking locations in the yard.

To access the display screens:

  1. Open the depot.
  2. Open the Depot Settings and open the Displays section.
  3. If the URL links aren't visible, click the "Reset Display Links" button. Note that clicking this button will invalidate any previous display links configured.
  4. Open the link on a web browser and display full screen on HDTV display.
  5. Change the display message by editing the Display Message text and clicking the "Update Message" button.
  6. Change the location of the clock on the yard display, by selecting the clock position from the drop down menu and clicking the "Update Clock Position" button.

Notes and Tips

  • The displays will automatically refresh every minute.
  • Aim to use a 16:9 display in landscape orientation for the Vehicle Departure Display.
  • Aim to use a display that matches the orientation of the depot image used for the Yard Display.
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